Mrs. Larson


Monday, 5/30

No school- Memorial Day

Tues., 6/1

Math: quadrilaterals properties wksht.

Reading: Owen and Mzee vocabulary wksht.

Spelling: preview fourth grade red words list (end of  year test is Friday); be sure today’s wksht. is done.

SS: 50 states practice (use links or self-selected worksheet); 50 abbreviations test is tomorrow

Wednesday, 6/2

Math: My Homework Lesson 10 symmetry p. 935-936

Reading: Owen and Mzee comprehension wksht.

SS:  50 states practice; 50 capitals test is tomorrow

Spelling; practice red words for Friday’s test

Thursday, 6/3

Math: Ch. 14 test tomorrow;  review slides from today on Google Classroom ; finish Review pages 944-945

Writing: concrete/shape poem &  free verse poem will need to be finished in class tomorrow (slides on Google Classroom if you need them tomorrow)

Spelling: finish red words wksht. from today; test tomorrow on all the fourth grade red words we’ve worked on throughout the year

Friday, 6/4

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