Service to Others

Sharing God's Gifts With the World

At every grade level, Faithful Shepherd students are encouraged and inspired to serve others in contribution to their fellow students, their parishes, and their local communities. Not only does their service provide immediate benefits to others but provides the foundation for joyful service as they develop God’s gifts within themselves.

Here are some of the ways your child will experience service at Faithful Shepherd:

Middle School Mentors

5th and 8th grade students are each paired with a kindergartener to become mentors to those young students, while 7th grade students are each paired with a preschooler. “Kindergarten & Preschool Buddies,” as they are affectionately called, receive the opportunity to learn by older students’ examples. These older students provide a familiar face to the new students as they develop relationships with their mentors throughout the year. Likewise, mentors learn the power of compassion and patience as they pass on their own gifts and knowledge to this next generation of Faithful Shepherd learners.

Liturgical Season Service Projects

Each year during advent and lent, Faithful Shepherd has developed service projects with local and global community benefit in mind. Some examples include:

  • Collecting basic items such as socks and winter clothing for homeless women and families through Dakota Woodlands
  • Adopting families through the Moms and Neighbors service organization

MS Service Hours

In middle school, students are required to complete 20 service hours within the school, the parish, and the community as part of their annual curriculum requirements. They can choose where and how they serve and tailor their opportunities to leverage their own unique gifts.

Faith in Action Friday

Faith in Action Fridays bring the entire student body together to offer financial support to local and global organizations in need. One Friday a month provides students the opportunity to bring in a dollar and come to school out of uniform. A different charity is chosen each time to receive the money raised on these days.