Why Faithful Shepherd

FSCS at a Glance

You’re Not Only Enrolling in a School, You’re Joining a Family

Faithful Shepherd builds academic excellence for students in grades pre-K – 8, through a solid foundation in academics, community and faith. We welcome all learners, fostering growth and developing the leaders of tomorrow. With a caring and well-educated faculty, an innovative academic curriculum, and a strong and supportive community of parents, your child will find a lighted path for a bright future.

When you choose Faithful Shepherd, you’re not only enrolling in a school, you’re joining a family. Your Faithful Shepherd family inspires achievement while strengthening your faith through love and compassion of others. The joy of learning found at Faithful Shepherd will inspire a lifetime of personal growth and discovery for parents and students alike.



Grounded in our Catholic faith, we enrich each student’s journey from pre-K to 8th grade by nurturing meaningful growth in academic achievement and service to Christ in the world.


We excel at academic preparation and development of the whole child, educating students in a diverse student body. We inspire every student to build a lifelong commitment to Catholic values and service, to go forth as informed, ethical leaders with a lasting love of learning.

Why Families Choose Faithful Shepherd

Joining any institution in life makes you a part of a community, but at Faithful Shepherd you become part of a family. From the outstanding teachers and caring classrooms to the lasting relationships, you could not ask for a better place to start your child on their journey through life. Sending your child to school means trusting others to provide the building blocks of their future in a time when everything they experience is something new. Those experiences shape their lives, and it is through the love and respect of your child that Faithful Shepherd offers the start of a wonderful future.


  • “It’s a beautiful community and a beautiful family. There is a lot of love here and we wouldn’t have left it for anything.” –Craig Johannes
  • “The K-8 experience is everything we had hoped for in a school.” –Rob Grady
  • “I see challenges and expectations of my son that are truly pushing him to meet his potential.” –Jennifer Neuman
  • “After assessing our area schools, Faithful Shepherd stood out as the best option. We feel incredibly grateful to have found such an excellent school! It provides everything we could hope for as parents: superb teachers and wholesome kids, a robust education, a wonderful environment, faith formation along with real-world lessons. Our daughter is learning a lot, making good friends and — perhaps best of all — having fun! That ought to be an objective for 5- and 6-year-olds: providing a positive experience to build on. That’s exactly what Faithful Shepherd delivers.” –Christina Ries, parent
  • “I like Faithful Shepherd because there are such nice teachers. I learn a lot there. It’s amazing!” –Maria, 6, kindergarten