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Providing Opportunities for Creativity, Cooperation, and Friendly Competition Outside of the Classroom

Please Note: Club and extracurricular activities do vary from year-to-year based on student interest, as well as availability of advisors/supervisors, so not every club/program is available each school year. If you have a talent or hobby that you would like to share with our students in the form of a club or activity, or if you are willing to be a club advisor and/or supervisor (no experience necessary in some cases), please email our Activities Director to see how you can help our student community!

Jennifer Bohman

651-406-4747 ext. 5317

Chess Club

The Chess Club is open to all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade who want to learn, improve, and compete in the game of chess. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our club provides a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone!

Not only will students learn the rules and strategies of chess, but they’ll also develop important life skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and patience. Chess is not just a game; it’s a mental workout that stimulates the brain and enhances cognitive abilities.

Meetings are held in the cafeteria on Saturday mornings from 10:00-11:30, with the first meeting on December 2.
Note: We will not meet in-person on holiday weekends of 11/25/23, 12/23/23, 12/30/23, 1/13/24, and 2/17/24.
The season will end with a tournament scheduled for 2/24/24. 
Please email if you have any questions.
Follow the link to register on STARPay today! Register Here

Bike Club

The Bike Club is open to all cycling enthusiasts in grades fourth through eighth who want to ride together, learn from each other, and have fun on two wheels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our club provides a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends!

During our club rides, students will have the opportunity to explore scenic routes, challenge themselves with different terrains, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Students will have the chance to connect with other riders, share their experiences, and maybe even learn a new tip or trick to improve their cycling performance.

The Bike Club may be offered in the Fall (approx. late Sept. to early Nov.) and/or Spring (approx. early April to late May). Bike Club rides start and end from a designated spot off-campus. Students MUST have a helmet, rear bike lights, water bottle and snacks for each ride.

Registration information coming soon!

Ski Club

Do you love skiing or snowboarding? Do you enjoy the thrill of gliding down the slopes and feeling the wind in your hair? If so, then the Ski Club is perfect for you!

Faithful Shepherd will be organizing six (6) different “Ski Saturdays” (starting Jan. 2024), where you’ll have the opportunity to hit the slopes, make new friends who share your love for winter sports, or simply have fun on the mountain. 

So grab your skis or snowboard, bundle up, and get ready for an exciting adventure on the slopes!

Ski Club registration coming December, 2023.


Robotics Club

Faithful Shepherd’s Robotics Club provides the perfect blend of creativity and technology for your child to have fun learning about computer programming through the control of some pretty cool robots!

Robotics Club Flyer K-8

There are two different robotics options available: 

 Robotics Club Offerings K-3  Dash & Dot Robotics

The Dash and Dot Robotics Club is open to all students in kindergarten through third grade who are curious about robotics and eager to explore the endless possibilities of coding. Our club provides a fun and interactive environment where students can learn, experiment, and collaborate with their peers.

Students will have the opportunity to work with Dash and Dot robots, which can sing, dance, navigate courses, and respond to voice commands. Using a tablet and specially designed apps, students will learn how to code and program the robots to participate in a variety of different challenges, as well as learning how to create brand new behaviors for Dash and Dot. 

Robotics Club Offerings 4-8  LEGO Robotics

LEGO Robotics is open to all students in grades fourth through eighth who want to embark on an exciting journey into the world of robotics and coding. Our club provides a fun and engaging environment for students to explore the world of robotics and develop their STEM skills.

Students will have the opportunity to learn, build, and program using LEGO components. Students will work on various projects, including building robots from scratch, programming them to perform specific tasks, and competing in robot challenges. Students will also learn about the different components of a robot, such as sensors, motors, and controllers, and how they work together to make a robot move and respond to its environment.

FLL Robotics

The FLL (FIRST LEGO League) Robotics Club is an extension of the LEGO Robotics Club and is only available based on student/parent interest. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and LEGO partner every year for an international youth competition called the FIRST LEGO League Challenge for students in grades fourth through eighth.

The purpose of the FLL Robotics Club is to provide an opportunity for students to take their robotics, STEM, problem-solving, and presentation skills to the next level. Students will be organized into a team (or teams) of 2-10 students, who will then compete in the annual FLL Challenge. Each year the theme and robot missions change, meaning a fun, new, and exciting journey awaits every year!

Students will engage in research, problem-solving, coding and engineering – building and programming a LEGO robot that navigates the missions of a robot game. Also, as part of Challenge, teams also participate in a research project to identify and solve a relevant real-world problem. Advancement at the competition is based equally on four different categories: Robot Design, Robot Performance, Innovation Project, and Core Values.

Season outline (subject to change):

  • Annual challenge/theme released: August
  • Team practices start: August/September
  • MN Regional competitions: November/December
  • MN State competition (if advancing): February
  • Nationals/Worlds competitions (various options if advancing): March/April/May

Please indicate any interest in this opportunity ASAP.

MakerSpace / Creation Station Program

The MakerSpace / Creation Station Program is open to all students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade who are looking for a fun place to express creativity and produce original designs using both traditional and non-traditional supplies. 

We encourage all genders and personality types, and our mixed age groups allow for new friendships and connections to occur! Materials and supplies will be provided to students to design and create at each session. 

The MakerSpace / Creation Station Program is offered at various times throughout the school year, and each session is its own individual event, so there are no recurring meeting times. Depending on the number of sessions offered, students may be limited to a maximum number of sessions to ensure we are able to accommodate as many students as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

More information coming soon!