Home and School Association

Supporting the Students and Faculty of Faithful Shepherd

The Home and School Association provides opportunity to become more involved in our school community.  Faithful Shepherd has a rich and inviting community of parents and families, teachers, administration, and parishes. Our goal is to not only support the extras that are so often displaced at other schools, such as art programs, junior achievement, the library, sports, music and other extracurricular activities, but also to strive to bring the community together at events that are fun for the kids and that bring our Faithful Shepherd family closer together.  Please consider joining us and supporting our efforts to strengthen and promote the one of greatest things FSCS offers –  our excellent community of families!

Click HEREfor the Home and School Association “Year in Review.”

The Mission of the Home & School Association

  • Promoting collaboration among families, the school and parish communities
  • Supporting the educational goals of the school and assists with attaining those goals through parent and community volunteerism
  • Leading fundraising activities to support and fund programs and projects that will enrich the curriculum, educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school
  • Recruiting volunteers and coordinates volunteer efforts to staff HSA functions and assist with school programs – Click here to volunteer

Who is a member of HSA?

Members of the Home and School Association are any parents or guardians of children attending Faithful Shepherd Catholic School. Please feel free to contact any of the HSA board members for more information or to volunteer!

Home & School Association Board

2023-2024 Board Members   Contact at: hsa@fsstars.org

President – Theresa Corrigan Heuer
Vice President – Heather Weyandt
Treasurer – Anna Riesenberg
Secretary – Michelle Madsen
Hospitality Coordinator – Katie Gaiser
Enrichment Coordinator – Tracy Johnson
Social Coordinator – Open
Fundraising Coordinator  – Erin Noeldner
Communications & Marketing – Lacy Spiess

When does the HSA meet?

The HSA board meets once a month. The HSA is also present at Meet & Greet Night, Back to School Night, and other events throughout the school year. An overview of the HSA calendar for the year is included in the school calendar.

HSA Events, Fundraisers and Programs

This is a comprehensive listing of all HSA sponsored activities at Faithful Shepherd Catholic School. Success of these activities relies solely on our volunteers.

Becoming a volunteer is an easy and rewarding way to become familiar with your child’s school and its educational program. Parent volunteers send the message to their child that they care – about them and about their school.

To learn more about each of the HSA sponsored events, programs, and fundraisers click on the links below. To learn more about Chairperson opportunities or to volunteer for ANY event or program contact the FSCS HSA Board.

Upcoming Events & Fundraisers

Check HSA Facebook or Instagram pages at:



All Events & Fundraisers

  • New Family Orientation and Expo
    Each summer, the Home and School Association hosts popsicle play dates to welcome incoming new families. This is a wonderful time for new FSCS families to gather together, and for new students to meet their fellow classmates!
  • Used Uniform Sale and Spiritwear
    The HSA holds a Used Uniform Sale three times a year – in August prior to the school year beginning, as well as during fall and spring conferences. These sales are a great opportunity to find uniform pieces for the new school year or as your student sizes up throughout the year. Spiritwear is available to purchase at all of the Used Uniform Sales, as well as through STARPay and at other HSA events. Volunteers are needed to make these sales a success!
  • Social Gatherings
    Each year the HSA hosts a variety of fun social gatherings. Some community favorites include Pizza Bingo Night, Fish Fry, Moms Night Out, Dads Day, Muffins with Mom/Special Friend, and Donuts with Dad/Special Friend. Watch the HSA’s Facebook and Instagram for information on all upcoming events!
  • Grandparents/Special Friend Day
    This is a special celebration for 5th grade students and their grandparents or special friends. A group of non-fifth grade parents are needed to work with the teachers and staff to plan this memorable event.
  • Scholastic Book Fair
    The Scholastic Book Fair is held twice a year during fall and spring conferences. This is a fun way to add on to your student’s home library or surprise your student’s teacher with a book of his or her wish list, while also helping fundraise for FSCS. The Scholastic Book Fair has allowed the HSA to help purchase books for the FSCS library, as well as classroom books and other supplies for the school.
  • Catholic Schools Week
    Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of our faith-filled educational opportunities at Faithful Shepherd. The week includes showing our FSCS teachers and staff how much we appreciate them, and ends with a community favorite – Pizza Bingo! Volunteers are needed to help make the week a success!
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
    We appreciate our teachers and staff, and celebrate them all year at FSCS; however, we plan daily treats and surprises for the teachers and staff during Catholic Schools Week!
  • Restaurant Night
    Join us at a local restaurant on select days throughout the school year to help fundraise for FSCS! A portion of the night’s proceeds go back to the school. Keep an eye on the HSA’s Facebook and Instagram pages for the most up-to-date information.
  • First Communion Celebration
    In honor of the 2nd graders who have made their First Communion, the 3rd grade parents provide a reception after their special Mass. Third grade parent volunteers are needed to help plan and host the reception.

HSA Programs

  • Art Adventure
    This is an enrichment program for grades K-5, brought to us by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA). It brings volunteers into the classroom, working with teachers to provide art education to the students. All Art Adventure volunteers are trained at the MIA on the pieces in that year’s themed group. The pieces are shown to the class during 4-5 sessions in November.
  • Box Tops for Education (ELECTRONIC ONLY)
    Download the Box Tops for Education app. and start earning dollars for the school.
  • Classroom Representatives
    Representatives help with recruitment and coordination of classroom volunteers. They are the classroom liaison for holiday parties, field trip volunteers, and any other grade-level projects or responsibilities. This is a one year commitment.
  • Junior Achievement
    Junior Achievement (JA) educates young people to value free enterprise, business and economics. The program brings volunteers into the classroom, working with the teachers, to present basic economic and business concepts through a well organized course. All JA volunteers attend an orientation session and provide 5-8 lessons during the school year.
  • Teacher Conference Meals
    Looking for a great way to meet the faculty? Consider helping with conference meals. Twice a school year the FSCS teacher/staff are school bound with conferences and the HSA brings a meal to the teachers. As a volunteer you have a chance to help set-up/prepare and or serve the faculty—a great way to meet the faculty in a social setting.
  • Stars Supporting Stars                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Stars Supporting Stars is intended for immediate family members of the Faithful Shepherd Community in times of happiness or hardship. Examples include celebrating a new baby, or supporting a family that is experiencing financial hardship or a health issue. Resources can include checking in with the family, sending cards, setting up meal trains, prayer intentions, giving a prayer shawl or blanket, and gathering needed or requested items. Requests for support can remain anonymous. If you or someone you know in the Faithful Shepherd Community needs our support, please email the HSA at hsa@fsstars.org.

Class Reps

Classroom representatives help with recruitment and coordination of classroom volunteers, and serve as a communication focal point for the parents within each class. They are the liaison for holiday parties, field trip volunteers, class-specific clerical help, teacher thank-you group gifts, grade-level projects or responsibilities, and serve as a conduit to families for extra-curricular information that needs to be disseminated to parents.  All classroom volunteers, including Class Reps, must have VIRTUS training from the Archdiocese before they volunteer with the children.

This is a one-year commitment.  We are looking for one parent per classroom  And generally operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email Theresa Corrigan Heuer (corrigan.theresa@gmail.com), HSA President, if you have any questions.

HSA Donated/Sponsored (In the last 5yrs)

STEM Lab/Media Center

  • HSA made a $10,000 contribution to get the STEM lab and Media Center going.

Smart Boards: $3,000+

  • HSA recently purchased 2 smartboards for an upgrade to the second grade classrooms. Other smart boards have been purchased in previous years by HSA.

Alternative Seating for classrooms:$5,000

  • HSA purchased wobble chairs and stand-up desks for classrooms.

Water Drinking/Bottle filling Stations:$7,984

  • HSA purchased 5 water drinking stations that provide filtered,cold water for the FS students.

Stem lab Items: $1,000

  •  HSA  donated several items to kick start the STEM Program at FS. “Each of the classrooms are regularly using those STEM supplies to keep kids engaged and busy.”-Sarah Meier, FS K-5 Technology specialist

Rock Climbing Wall: $11,000

  • HSA outfitted the FS gym with a large rock climbing wall for all Ages to enjoy.

Science Museum Residency:$2,200/year

  • These courses allow for someone from the science museum to come to FS, giving the kids a hands on learning experience right in the classroom.

Library Substitute :$2,700

  • HSA paid the hourly rate for a Library Substitute

Teacher/Staff Lounge:$4,000+

  • HSA gave the lounge a total redo with fresh paint, a new larger refrigerator, new microwaves, a functioning coffee station and lots of elements to add warmth and organization.

  • HSA stocks the lounge with coffee pods and other treats throughout the year


HSA has been able to purchase and donate the following materials to enrich the learning environment at FS:

  • Smartboards

  • Books to classrooms

  • Books for the library

  • Teacher Manuals

  • Text books for classrooms

  • A microscope and slides for MS Science Class

  • Classroom supplies (paper, paints,chalkboards,whiteboards,step stools,pencil sharpeners, stand up desks,shelves,art supplies, and furniture)

  • Wobble Chairs

  • Sewing Machine for Art Class

  • Temperature Probes for MS Science Class

  • Ukuleles for Music Class

  • Robotic Kits

  • Thousands of dollars in Teacher requests

  • Art Adventure Program(partnership with the MIA)

  • Science Museum Residency(partnership with the Science Musuem)

  • Junior Achievement(economic and financial concepts)

  • NET retreat for all MS students

  • Gym Mats
  • Recorder Holders
  • Rock and Mineral Kits for the STEM Lab
  • Author’s Conference for 7th Grade Students


To help boost the morale and show our support for the teachers and staff-HSA

  • Distributed back to school care packages

  • Catered several lunches

  • Dropped off sunshine boxes to all teachers

  • Snack attacked the staff/teacher lounge

  • Planned and executed special events and

  • Items for Teacher/staff appreciation week.

  • Distributed snacks and beverages from the Sunshine Cart


HSA has

  • Supported Parents in prayer weekly

  • Given out prayer blankets/shawls

  • Given support and made financial contributions to FS families in their times of need.

  • Hosted Kahnversations (speaker)

  • Screenagers (viewing and discussion follow-up)

  • Dr.Nolan (Speaker)


HSA has sponsored/provided

  • Bussing to Masses, and MIA field trip

  • Be The Nice Kid (Interactive speaker)

  • Donut Man (Speaker)

  • STEM field trips

  • Receptions for Kindergarten Masses, First Communion Mass, Grandparents Day Mass,8th Grade Graduation

  • Kindergarten Ice Cream Social

  • End of year picnic lunches

  • Kindergarten Popsicle Play Dates
  • Kona Ice Truck