Meet Our Leaders


Mike Randall

Executive Director

Mike Randall (mrandall@fscsmn.org) has been involved in Catholic education for most of his life. He attended Catholic schools for 16 years and sent all three of his children to Catholic grade school and high school. Mike has worked in Catholic schools for over 20 years in the areas of development and marketing. He is committed to ensuring that Faithful Shepherd has the resources necessary to achieve academic excellence as well as providing a Catholic education for all who seek one, regardless of ability to pay. Mike enjoys spending time with his family, keeping active so he can continue to play basketball once a week, and reading. He says that Faithful Shepherd Catholic School is the most welcoming community he has ever experienced.


Sheila Hendricks


Dr. Hendricks has been involved in Catholic Schools for 17 years. She and her husband Steve’s four children attended K-6 Catholic school at Saint Anastasia in Hutchinson. Dr. Hendricks graduated with an Ed.D. in Education from Saint Mary’s University in 2016. She is an adjunct professor in Education graduate studies at Concordia University(2015-present). She has completed 15 years of classroom instruction as an English teacher and has completed her 4th year as an administrator. Of those 15 years in classroom instruction, 13 years were with Project Base Learning, facilitating individual, interest-based, student-initiated projects that were designed to incorporate MN Standards. Dr. Hendricks has directed musicals, led three groups of students to New York and Philadelphia, and opened her horse ranch to weeklong Exploratory Terms with students, taught advanced ELA courses including Shakespeare, Research Paper, and Creative Writing.

For enjoyment, Dr. Hendricks enjoys barrel racing with her 7-year-old gelding, French Flit Showdown. Her two adult daughters and one daughter-in-law are also involved and participate in barrel racing. Dr. Hendricks also enjoys firing up her Harley Davidson with her husband and taking road trips across America.

Faithful Shepherd Catholic School – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body for Faithful Shepherd. It is comprised of current and former parent volunteers who actively represent the mission and vision of our school in service to our community. Their contribution of their time and gifts helps propel Faithful Shepherd forward to achieve ongoing success.

The formation, duties, and responsibilities are in accordance to the Bylaws of Faithful Shepherd and include responsibility for the Catholicity of the school, spiritual formation, long-range planning, fiscal development, and approval of policies. For more information please download our Board Policy Manual.

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation of Faithful Shepherd Catholic School

Committee Charters

The FSCS Board of Directors has several sub-committees. If you would like to volunteer for a committee please contact Mike Randall at 651-406-4747 or mrandall@fscsmn.org.

Development Committee Charter

Acknowledging the importance of development and fundraising activities to the overall mission and operations of FSCS, the FSCS Development Committee ensures all development and fundraising activities sponsored or associated with FSCS are properly planned, coordinated, and executed.

Finance Committee Charter

The Faithful Shepherd Catholic School and Tri-Parish Center (“FSCS”) Finance Committee (collectively, “Finance Committee”) will review and understand the financial condition and structure of FSCS and provide guidance and recommendations to Administration, Board committees, and the Board of Directors as needed. The Finance Committee will partner with the Administration to create FSCS ‘s annual budget and determine tuition for Board approval.

Marketing Committee Charter

To drive continued growth and success of FSCS, the FSCS Marketing Committee assists with the execution of a marketing strategy that facilitates the school’s board-approved marketing plan that is consistent with the school’s philosophy and mission, and ensures all marketing activities are properly planned, coordinated and executed.

Facilities Committee Charter

The Faithful Shepherd Catholic School and Tri-Parish Center (“FSCS”) Facilities Committee (collectively, “Facilities Committee”) will review and understand the physical condition and maintenance programs of FSCS building, grounds and owned property and provide guidance and recommendations to the Administration, Board committees, and the Board of Directors. The Facilities Committee will partner with on-site operations team to provide recommendations on maintenance, repairs and replacement as well as an annual budget.

Meet the Board of Directors

St. Peter’s Parish Representatives
St. Thomas Becket Representatives
St. John Neumann Representatives

Board of Directors Meeting Information

Board meetings begin at 6:30pm – FSCS Stakeholders are invited to attend.

Please note: Meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month with a few exceptions due to conflicts. There is no July meeting.

Meeting Minutes