Thank You from HSA

As we close out the school year, we want to celebrate and thank all of our teachers, parents, and volunteers for making it truly memorable. Because of the FSCS community’s fundraising and volunteer efforts, the Home and School Association (HSA) was able to offer resources and sponsor events that enrich the educational and social fabric of our school.

As always, our top priority is to support our beloved teachers and staff. With your help, we were able to provide them with special meals during both fall and spring conferences, donuts and coffee on several occasions, and daily “Relax, Refresh, Recharge” treats during Teacher Appreciation Week. We also cleaned and restocked the staff lounge several times.

We were thrilled to bring back many favorite in-person events this year, including Moms’ Night Out, Pizza Bingo, and the Fish Fry. They were well-attended and F-U-N! We also added Donuts With Dad and Muffins With Mom for quality time with kids on their stomping ground. And, of course, Restaurant Nights, Book Fairs, and Used Uniform and Spiritwear Sales are always a hit.

While it is easy to see HSA in action by highlighting these events, you may not be aware of the day-to-day impact that HSA has on FSCS. Please take a moment to review the difference that your support makes.

HSA Board

*outgoing for 2021-2022
**moving to different position

Angie Mozeika**

Vice President
Sara Steinhardt Chapman*

Tonya Brost*

Communications & Marketing
Rachel Burke

Social Coordinator
Telesha Destein*

Fundraising Coordinator
Theresa Corrigan Heuer**

Hospitality Coordinator
Alisha Visker

Enrichment Coordinator
Michelle Brew

Carrie Jones*

Education and Infrastructure

Picnic Tables

HSA purchased ten picnic tables for the outdoor space behind the cafeteria. We are happy to see that many students are already enjoying the opportunity to get some fresh air while eating lunch!

Stage Lighting

We know that Faithful Shepherd students put on great shows, whether it’s the Middle School Musical, Christmas programs, or Band and Choir concerts. To better illuminate the stage, create mood and capture attention, HSA purchased new computerized, color-changing, multifunction stage lights.

Electric Moment

HSA was pleased to kick off the 2022 Gala with a contribution to the Electric Moment, which will fund the “Legacy Patio,” an outdoor classroom for learning of all types and ages.


HSA purchased a book drop bin and 38 books for the Media Center, as well as books and supplies for classrooms and specialists. We also bought a full, ten-book set of the Dog Man series for each 4th grade classroom.

8th Grade Ornaments

This year, HSA began a new tradition: gifting each 8th grade student one of the unique, handcrafted FSCS Christmas ornaments. We look forward to giving these special FSCS keepsakes to our graduating class every year!

Collaborating with the School Team

HSA enjoys working closely with teachers, administration and staff, and is always seeking ways to collaborate, enhance the learning and working environment, and boost morale. We try to show our gratitude for their dedication and hard work whenever possible. Some of our efforts this year included surprising them with back-to-school treats (“Candy Bars and Caffeine”); organizing a special dinner, as well as morning donuts and coffee, during both fall and spring conferences; cleaning and restocking the staff lounge with coffee pods and other goodies; starting “Coffee with Catherine” meetings, and; giving them daily “Relax, Refresh, Recharge” treats during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week.

Enhancing the Learning Experience

First Communion Mass

It was a privilege to celebrate our second graders receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion. HSA contributed to this memorable day by hosting a gathering for families following the mass.

5th Grade Grandparents’ Mass

HSA welcomed grandparents and families to a reception following the 5th Grade Grandparents’ Mass, a special tradition that students look forward to sharing with loved ones.

Middle School NET Retreat

HSA facilitated the participation of Middle School students in a NET Retreat at St. Thomas Beckett. With presentations, small group discussions, personal testimonies, and prayer, the NET team focused on sharing God’s love with the students.

Be the Nice Kid

HSA eagerly welcomed back Bryan Skavnak, founder of “Be the Nice Kid.” Bryan met with students in grades K-5, using humor and thoughtful stories to show that “…if we start with kindness, compassion, generosity, courage and positivity, not only will we grow, but we’ll help others grow as well.”

4th Grade Dog Man Event

Prior to the 4th grade Invention Convention, Cubles inventor and CEO Joel Morris shared with students the process of inventing and patenting Cubles. HSA funded the purchase of Cubles for each student, which allowed them to build their own Dog Man.

6th Grade STEM Trip

HSA sponsored the 6th grade field trip to the Mall of America. a learning opportunity that challenged students to consider how the laws of physics are applied throughout the park.


HSA hosted screenings of Dr. Delaney Ruston’s first and second Screenagers films, the first feature documentaries to explore the impact of screen technology on kids.

Enriching the Social Life

Pizza Bingo

HSA was SO excited to bring back Pizza Bingo this year after a two-year hiatus. With celebrity teacher Bingo callers, fabulous prizes, and many families in attendance, it was an action-packed and fun-filled evening. Hope to see you next year!

Lenten Fish Fry

Our Fish Fry was the perfect way to socialize AND get an easy meatless meal on a Friday during Lent.

Moms’ Night Out

Hee Haw! Our “Not My First Rodeo” event gave moms a night off to enjoy food, drinks, live music. and the opportunity to hang out with other moms.

Donuts with Dad / Muffins with Mom

We were excited to offer two new events this year, “Donuts with Dad” and “Muffins with Mom.” Kids and parents were able to spend time with each other and other families while enjoying breakfast treats.