Immersive Education

A Fully Integrated Curriculum

Faithful Shepherd provides a fully integrated curriculum that offers the knowledge and tools to teach your child today, and prepare them for tomorrow. Through the use of current technology, we deliver an immersive educational program that allows students to build a variety of skills through collaboration with their teachers and peers and hands-on learning. This unique and nurturing environment expands their knowledge of the world to awaken their gifts.

Curriculum by Targets for each Subject Area

Curriculum summarized per Grade Level

Enrichment Opportunities Faithful Shepherd Catholic School strives to give each child enriching opportunities to progress at their readiness level, in accord with their learning style and needs, and inspired by their unique interests. Faithful Shepherd teachers plan for this differentiation within each grade level team, to enhance and develop each child’s God- given talents.

ALL LEARNERS – Providing foundational skills and tools which meet and exceed state and national standards.

MANY LEARNERS – Encouraging and verifying specific readiness, learning styles and interests, and providing whole group, small group and individual learning opportunities in accord with these performance indicators.

SOME LEARNERS – Meeting the need for alternative opportunities through small group and individualized projects and subject acceleration (reading and math)

FEW LEARNERS – Providing for highly individualized services through independent study and coaching In addition, various programs, speakers, curriculum extensions, and academic challenges are offered to enhance the students’ learning opportunities.