Immersive Education

A Fully Integrated Curriculum

Faithful Shepherd provides a fully integrated curriculum that offers the knowledge and tools to teach your child today, and prepare them for tomorrow. Through the use of current technology, we deliver an immersive educational program that allows students to build a variety of skills through collaboration with their teachers and peers and hands-on learning. This unique and nurturing environment expands their knowledge of the world to awaken their gifts.

Core Subjects

Your child will experience a hands-on, practical approach to learning from highly educated faculty in each of the following core subjects:

  • Language Arts

    Our balanced literacy program incorporates a variety of instructional approaches to help students develop language arts skills through a rich assortment of interactive experiences in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

  • Mathematics

    We give students the tools to learn and apply mathematical literacy through the development of number sense, computation and operation, problem solving, spatial sense and geometry, measurement, patterns, functions, and algebra.

  • Religion

    Faithful Shepherd teaches the Archdiocesan mission of making Jesus Christ known and loved in our time through the six fundamental tasks of catechesis: knowledge of the faith, liturgical education, moral formation, teaching to pray, education for community life, and missionary initiation.

  • Social Studies

    We incorporate the lessons of history, geography, economics, civics and current events so students can discover and develop their roles as members of their communities. We prepare students for the complexities of the future by making meaningful connections between the past and present.

  • Science

    Science immerses students in inquiry-based, hands-on activities by applying critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving skills. Students use a variety of resources in order to build a meaningful relationship between science, technology and everyday life. They come to understand science though a balance of academic and practical application that encourages students to maintain their natural curiosity of the world around them.

Specialist Services

Faithful Shepherd provides access to a complete array of specialized subjects to help them become balanced, well rounded students. Our complete approach to education gives your child a curriculum that provides physical growth and an understanding of the arts.

  • Music

    Faithful Shepherd believes that music is a vital part of human existence, culture, and religion. Through our band, choir, and general music programs, students learn to appreciate the role of the arts in their daily lives. We promote active music learning through creation, practice, rehearsal, and performance. We strive to provide a music education that provides a diverse set of musical experiences and helps students build a lifelong love of music.

  • Physical Education

    Our physical education program includes sport activities, health and skill related fitness, games, and recreational activities. We strive to provide students a variety of learning experiences that promote lifelong physical activity, psychomotor function, and social skills while building self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Spanish

    The Spanish program at Faithful Shepherd provides a foundation for speaking, listening, reading and writing. Starting in kindergarten, students are introduced to conversational Spanish language skills, Hispanic cultural awareness, and are encouraged to make connections and comparisons between world cultures.

  • Technology

    Technology education provides an interactive learning environment for all students. As a part of our class, students participate in technology integration units, which support and enhance grade level reading, math, and science standards. Students explore their role as digital citizens and technology careers through engineering and computer science activities. The Media Center MakerSpace will debut in the fall of 2019 and will provide innovative and meaningful opportunities for all students to explore design concepts.

  • Visual Arts

    Art is an important part of the formation of our students to strengthen their God-given talents. Students are provided the opportunity to express themselves creatively while learning elements of art and the principles of design. By experiencing various art activities, they exercise their powers of observation, problem solving, and mastering small motor skills. Our curriculum includes applying techniques and processes of different media, appreciating the characteristics and merits of art, and understanding visual arts in relation to culture and history.