Mrs. Miller

Classroom Expectations


Homework will be checked for completion.
Do your homework in your homework notebook.
Your homework needs to be legible – one mathematical sentence per line.
Write on the notebook lines and show your work.
Check each answer with the solution in the back of the book.
Redo the question if you get it wrong.
Underline or box your answers.

Tests and Quizzes:

Twice a week you will take a five-minute quiz; it will be based on one or two sections of the text.
A chapter test will be taken a couple of days after you have completed a chapter.
Tests and quizzes will be taken on loose-leaf paper.
Questions will usually be worth more than one point.
Points are only given for showing your process – no process, no points.
Your work must be legible – one mathematical sentence per line.
Underline or box your answers.
Leave a line between each question.
There are no retakes of quizzes or tests.

Google Classroom:

I have set up a Google Classroom for your math class. It shows, by day, what section will be covered in class, and what exercises are to be completed for homework.
Test dates will be on Google Classroom.

Taking Notes:

Note-taking is a skill which needs to be learned. You may use the back of your homework book to take notes or have a separate notebook. These notes will help you to study and to prepare for tests, and also summarize math facts and processes as the lesson proceeds.

Math Classroom Supplies:

Bring all your supplies to class every day.