Mrs. Mary Beth Dahlheimer

Service Hours

Enter to learn, leave to serve.

Service Hours are a very important part of our class as well as one being a contributor to our society.  Students are required to complete twenty service hours between June 1 and May of that particular grading year. All services hours will be recorded with the final grade in the third trimester’s report card.


5 community – any volunteer hours done for your community

5 school – any volunteer hours done for Faithful Shepherd Catholic School

5 parish – any volunteer hours done for any parish

5 any combination of the above (anything over 5 hours falls into this category)

With our new three-year strategic plan Catholic Identity is an area that our community said needs improvement. Service is one component that we will work to improve and make more meaningful for our students, families, faculty, and staff.

Mission Statement: Grounded in our Catholic faith, we enrich each student’s journey from pre-K to 8th grade by nurturing meaningful growth in academic achievement and service to Christ in the world.

Also, one of our guiding principles: Creating a sense of social justice and service to others through thought, actions, and prayer – speaks to the beautiful opportunity that service has in helping all of us grow in our faith journey.

We invite our students to participate in three areas of service: Parish (5), Community (5), and School (5), Student Choice (5).  If your child has participated in any of these services over the summer, that is a wonderful way to stay involved and actively participate in faithful service.

Below are some service hour examples: 

School Service Hours (benefits FSCS)

  • Septemberfest/Family Fun Night
  • Pizza BINGO
  • School Masses (Altar server, LCD, choir)
  • Uniform sales
  • Home & School help
  • Helping teachers
  • Sporting events: concessions & scoreboard
  • Summer Camp program

Parish Service Hours (benefits any parish – does not need to be the one of which you are officially a member)

  • Mass altar server
  • Mass usher
  • Mass choir
  • Mass hospitality
  • Mass greeter
  • Parish festivals
  • Stuffing bulletins 
  • Seasonal/holiday help
  • Vacation Bible School

Community Service Hours (benefits the community – not parish or school community) 

  • Feed My Starving Children
  • ARC Value Village
  • Neighborhood clean-up
  • Baby-sitting children other than siblings
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Assisting a neighbor in need (ex: mowing or shoveling snow)