Mrs. Swartout

Homework for Mrs. Swartout


March 13-17


Spelling: study words/test Fri./worksheet

Handwriting: p.39  ½ sheet if not done

Math: pp.235 #1-11 odd and p.236 # 1-7 odd/test Thursday

English: test Friday

Reading: ch. 13 and 14 worksheet NTS

Religion: pp. 126-127 (activity p. 217)

Writing: write Bio poems in packet/write Tanka in final poem booklet


Spelling: test Fri./study words/worksheet

Handwriting: p.40  ½ sheet if not done

Math: chapter 13 review/test Thursday

English: test Friday Unit 4 Part 2

Reading: chapter 15-16 worksheet

Religion: p. 125 activity

Writing: write and illustrate 1 Bio/write 5W poems in packet


Spelling: study words/test Fri./worksheet

Handwriting: p. 41 ½ sheet

Math: study for math test Thursday

English: pp. 172-174 A, B and C 

Reading: ch 17-afterward worksheet

Writing: write all your Verb”s in packet


Spelling: study words/test Fri.

Handwriting: p.42 ½ sheet

English: Unit 4 Review, test tomorrow

Reading: RAFT project due Tuesday

Religion: chapter 8 review/test tomorrow

Writing: write Holiday poems in packet


Handwriting: p.43½ sheet if not done

Reading: RAFT project

Note: Daily and Extended projects will be posted here by 3:00 p.m.   Friday or the last day of the school week students will not receive homework; however, they may be in the middle of a long-term project that requires some work over the weekend.