After assessing our area schools, Faithful Shepherd stood out as the best option. We feel incredibly grateful to have found such an excellent school! It provides everything we could hope for as parents: superb teachers and wholesome kids, a robust education, a wonderful environment, faith formation along with real-world lessons. Our daughter is learning a lot, making good friends and — perhaps best of all — having fun! That ought to be an objective for 5- and 6-year-olds: providing a positive experience to build on. That’s exactly what Faithful Shepherd delivers.

–Christina Ries, Faithful Shepherd parent of four (pre-K, K, 2nd, 4th)


We believe (both) our boys received an excellent education and were well prepared for high school. The small class sizes and personal attention was invaluable. In addition to the excellent academics and teachers, our family was part of an amazing community focused on education, family and faith. Some of our closest friends are families we met at The Shep, and our children’s closest friends are those they met while at FSCS. There are so many opportunities to get involved and be part of an amazing community! Thank you Faithful Shepherd for all you do for students and families!   

 -Melissa & Eric Fahning, FSCS parents from 2010-2021


FSCS prepared my kids for high school with a strong foundation for learning, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and values.  Our kids transitioned to public high school and are succeeding at their chosen activities and level of coursework.  My senior at the School of Environmental Studies and freshman at Eastview both love where they are now!   

 Beth Mayotte, parent of graduates ‘19, ‘22, and current sixth grader


Faithful Shepherd has been a great opportunity for both of my kids to be challenged in their areas of strength. I am confident my 8th grader is being well prepared to be successful next year in high school. I also appreciate the community at Faithful Shepherd. I know my children are being surrounded by the values I want them to emulate.   

 -Tanya Piltingsrud, parent of current 8th and 6th graders


The Middle School at Faithful Shepherd truly focuses on providing an environment where each student is supported and uplifted. The teachers and curriculum thoughtfully engage students in the classroom which allows academic excellence to be achieved. Through meaningful experiences, students also develop in their leadership, character, faith & humanity.     

 -Alison Tauer, parent of current 8th and 5th graders


I see challenges and expectations of my son that are truly pushing him to meet his potential.

The K-8 experience is everything we had hoped for in a school.

It’s a beautiful community and a beautiful family. There is a lot of love here and we wouldn’t have left it for anything.

I like Faithful Shepherd because there are such nice teachers. I learn a lot there. It’s amazing!