Teacher Inservice Day

Teacher Inservice Day (February 14, 2020) – Dr. Julene Nolan spoke with teachers on mental health topics. Dr. Nolan is a psychologist, author, speaker, and partner with Dr. Steve Kahn in Phoenix School Counseling LLC.  She is the president of Minnesota School Psychology Association and recently co-authored a college textbook on adolescent development: Real World, Real Challenges: Adolescent Issues in Contemporary Society . She has conducted and published research on school performance and mental/behavioral health in the USA and abroad. Dr. Nolan serves schools and families with mental/behavioral health, school performance, and social/emotional learning needs.

Some takeaways from Dr. Nolan’s presentation:

  • One in four students have mental health issues
    • 38% get help
    • 80% of those who seek help, get help from schools
  • Prevention
    • Teach kids how to build words around emotion
  • Mindfulness
    • Help students slow down negative emotions
    • Notice external physical symptoms
    • Mindful practice shrinks the amygdala portion of the brain
    • We tell kids to pay attention; we don’t tell them how
    • If information is forgotten, it is whether or not they receive information when in the amygdala portion of the brain or are delivering information in the amygdala
  • Social Media
    • Teach students about validity of social media posts
    • Have adolescents rate their emotions pre and post Instagram
    • Students lack emotional antibodies
  • org
    • Strength finders for kids
  • Brain is a muscle – the more we practice being in a calm place, the better we get at it