Nurse Cheryl’s Wednesday Website Wanders

Happy Wednesday Faithful Shepherd Community! I hope you are all staying healthy. Last week I started highlighting some favorite health-related websites for learning, for caring for yourself, and just for fun!  Here are this week’s Website Wanders:   Learning to live with COVID19, for the short term, includes simple actions to protect ourselves and others. This short video was put together by a group of district196 nurses to help everyone understand why these basics are important.  Look for a cameo appearance by one of our own students mid-video!  District 196’s virtual calming room is designed to assist in identifying different strategies for managing emotions, and it’s huge! Take a break here; relax and de-stress; find a brain boost.  My favorite sections are the nature sounds and the zoocams!  Take a mini road trip and a hike!  Dakota County is chock-full of wonderful places to move your body and restore your soul.  This one is about 20 minutes from school.  Buildings are closed but trails are open and there is a portable latrine on site.  See how many new places you can discover!

and, in case you missed last week’s installment, here are those sites:  free online yoga class by/for kids. Tu/Th 12:00-12:45  (bonus- site also has a free M-W-F class for adults)  Piggy and Bunny and the Stay-at-Home Plan- an online storybook. Good for younger kids, or for a nice gentle brain break for older kids (like me. or you!)


Feel free to shoot me an email with questions or ideas.  Stay well!  
🙂 Nurse Cheryl