Minnesota Nonpublic School Accreditation Association (MNSAA)

Minnesota Nonpublic School Accreditation Association (MNSAA) –  You may receive a phone call from one of the MNSAA team members who will be spending the next three days at Faithful Shepherd. October 23-25 marks the accreditation process at Faithful Shepherd. There will be a team of seven teachers and principals involved in the accreditation process. MNSAA requires every seven years for an accreditation renewal. Over the next three days, the MNSAA team will seek input from stakeholders to inform administration and staff on areas of both affirmation and potential for growth. Administration and staff have worked very hard to prepare for this visit The seven standards for accreditation are:

  • Standard 1 – Mission and Philosophy
  • Standard 2 – Teaching and Learning
  • Standard 3 – Climate for Learning
  • Standard 4 – Communication and Community Relationships
  • Standard 5 – Personnel
  • Standard 6 – Leadership, Administration & Governance
  • Standard 7 – School Strategic Plan for Improvement