FSCS Swim Team

Faithful Shepherd Stars Swimming

Swim Team – Grades K – 8 (Catholic Athletic Association)

FSCS Athletic Program provides an athletic experience in an educational environment that glorifies His example and represents the mission of Faithful Shepherd and our Catholic faith to:

  • Build team unity
  • Develop confidence in the person
  • Develop confidence in the sport through education
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills
  • Nurture and develop confidence and healthy competition


Swimmer Expectations & Requirements:

Every swimmer will undergo an assessment at the beginning of the season.  The assessment will help swim staff determine the practice level for the season.

All swimmers must be able to complete one length (25 yards) unassisted, meaning no stopping on lane line/wall or pushing off the bottom of the pool, to be eligible to join the team.  This is a strict requirement for team eligibility from both a safety and liability standpoint as well as coaching efficiency/effectiveness.

Swimmers should come to the assessment with competition swimsuit, cap and goggles.  Swimmers should arrive on time, ready to swim.

Register for assessments here.

Time Commitment

Swimming requires regular exposure to the water in order to maintain the “feel” for the water. Practices will be held two times per week in the evenings, at an ISD 196 pool. Level 1 swimmers should expect to swim 45 minutes and level 2 and 3 swimmers should expect to swim 1 hour 30 minutes per practice.


There are usually 2-3 regular season meets and one state meet each year, which is structured in a prelims/finals format. State prelims are typically held on a Saturday and finals are typically held on two consecutive evenings (boys and girls swim on different nights).



  • Season begins Dec 4 and culminates with the State meet 3/28 – 4/1. A practice schedule will be distributed at assessments.
  • Swim Meets: Throughout the season, we will offer any opportunity we can to participate in swim meets. In addition, informal meets will be held during regular practice times throughout the season. More information about meets will be discussed during the parent meeting.
  • State Meet: The Catholic Athletic Association hosts a state swim meet each year. This meet is a prelims/finals format, with prelims occuring on either 3/28 or 3/29, and finals being held on two evenings the following week. As the meet schedule is finalized, additional information will be distributed to the team.
    • Preliminary events will be held at Skyview Middle School in Oakdale.
    • Swim Finals will be at the University of Minnesota. Boys and girls swim on separate evenings.