Founders Award

In 2004, Brian joined the Board of Directors as the representative from St. Thomas Becket. In the 2006/2007 school year he was elected Board Chair and served in that role until 2009. His Board service was 5 years.

During that time he served as the 1st Chair for SeptemberFest. He worked with an amazing team to start the tradition of Rock with Flock from concept to realization. Back in those days the event hosted bands (regional and national) for 2 nights.

For several years he worked to get a football program started at FSCS – he rallied a group of people to secure equipment, create a field, coaches, and build enthusiasm with the boys/parents to ensure enough players, not to mention registering with the CAA. The 1st team was formed in 2005. Coach Howard was head coach for 3 years – 2005-2007.  Brian also served as a Junior Achievement leader in 2002 and 2003.

His son Nate graduated from FSCS in 2008 and daughter Haley in 2009, both with a solid foundation in Catholic education .

Brian worked with Jim Burns to start the Future STARS Scholarship program in 2017, a fund that helps provide a Faithful Shepherd education to students in need of financial assistance.

This summer Brian was inducted into the Simley High School Hall of Fame for the same compassion and dedication he has shown our community.