Electric Moment

At last year’s Gala  we came together and raised money to remodel the media center, ensuring our children’s learning environment was state of the art. We have all seen how amazing that turned out!  This year’s Electric Moment is for the Future STARS Scholarship Fund, a fund founded by Brian Howard and Jim Burns, alumni parents who are passionate about providing a Catholic education for everyone. This fund is 100% ear-marked for scholarships. Each year Faithful Shepherd provides over $200,000 in financial aid to students. That amount has grown significantly over the past five years, and continues to grow. This year we gave over $240,000 in aid to 73 students. Fortunately, there are people who want to ensure that an education at Faithful Shepherd is available to all students. Thus, the Future STARS Scholarship Fund was created.

The Future STARS Scholarship Fund is a great way for us, along with alumni parents, grandparents or any donor to continue the legacy of supporting Catholic education while giving other children a great education. This fund ensures that all children have an opportunity to be a part of this great community.  To date, we have $15,000 in promised donations to start the night on February 29th! How much more can we raise as a community?  While this isn’t a tangible item, the faith-based education, community and friendships that develop at FSCS last a lifetime.

Part of the school’s mission is “to enrich each student’s journey from Pre-K to 8th grade by nurturing meaningful growth in academic achievement and service to Christ in the world.” The Future STARS Scholarship program will ensure that our mission reaches as many students as possible.