Distance Learning for Absences

We have received some questions about who distance learns- logs in to join class, etc. when absent and who isn’t able to, etc.  Detailed below are some general guidelines to help families understand the options available if a student is sick and staying home.  Feel free to contact individual teachers for more information on your student’s specific situation.  


6-7-8th students who are absent for the day and physically well enough can join in with other distant learners as long as the office is contacted by 8 am- most information is on Google Classroom and ready to go.  


4-5th If a student is gone just for a day- they won’t do distance learning- they can return the next day and make up what they have missed. If they will be gone for more than one day – they may join in distance learning starting on day two and log in to any Google Meet sessions throughout the day starting on the 2nd day- giving teachers time to prepare for another distance learner. 


K-1-2-3rd students who are gone one to two days do not distance learn in the sense of getting on Google Meet and joining the class.  They can make up work when they return.  Joining distance learning requires a two day notice- to give teachers enough time to prepare packets, materials, etc for the student.  Students absent 3 or more days will be invited to join distance learning- starting on the 3rd day.


Remember, if you plan to switch to distance learning for an extended period of time, please contact the office at least two days in advance to give teachers enough time to prepare for this change in the mode of instruction.  Thank you.