COVID Exposure Quarantine Guidelines

14-day quarantine is recommended:

  • Still the safest option for everyone who is exposed

  • Still required if your COVID exposure was someone who lives in your household. (positive test within your household)

10-day quarantine is an option IF ALL of these apply:

  • You have not tested positive for COVID-19

  • You have no symptoms

  • You continue to watch out for possible symptoms through day 14, and mask, maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others, and follow other prevention guidance.

  • You will isolate and get tested as soon as possible if you develop any symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Your exposure to COVID-19 was NOT a household member

 7 day quarantine is an option IF ALL of these apply

  • You meet ALL the 10 day quarantine conditions, and

  • You provide proof of a negative PCR test (from saliva, nose or throat — not a rapid test) taken at least 5 full days after your quarantine started.

  • You discuss your quarantine plan with the school nurse and receive her approval to return to school.