Mrs. Smith

7th Advanced ELA

7th Grade English Language Arts Course Objectives

2019-2020 Class Syllabus

Seventh-grade Advanced English Language Arts builds upon student’s prior knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, word usage, and the mechanics of writing. Various genres of literature are used to improve reading comprehension skills and writing exercises are linked to student’s reading assignments or cross-curriculum assignments. Various classes will be working towards fulfilling state curriculum standards for sixth grade English Language Arts.

At the middle school level, Advanced English Language Arts gives students the opportunity to practice skills that enable them to be successful in classes at a higher level. Similar to high school AP programs, this program has been developed to serve the above-average students. Students in Advanced ELA are typically task-oriented, proficient readers who are self-motivated and self-discipline.

How will students be graded?

  • Literature (tests and quizzes) 35%
  • Grammar and Writing (tests and quizzes) 35%
  • Vocabulary (workbook and tests) 20%
  • Daily Assignments 10%

Students will be expected to complete various writing assignments and read various works of literature with the class. Students must complete and turn in all assignments on time

Late work will be deducted 2 points. Late work will not be accepted after the unit is completed.

Late course projects  (book reports, writing assignments, end of novel projects) will be deduced one letter grade and will be accepted up to five days after the due date.

Please review the FSCS student handbook on makeup work. Students will have ten consecutive days to complete makeup work including class assignments, quizzes, and tests. If students go on vacation, they are responsible for keeping track of the material that was missed. Students are to use the time before school or during Yet Lab to meet with the teacher to discuss missed work. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the teacher to discuss work that needs to be made up. After ten consecutive days, the assignments will remain a zero unless prior arrangements were discussed. 

There is no extra credit given for this class. If students are in need of help with work or an assignment they must touch base with their teacher prior to the class period when the assignment is due. 

All students will be expected to do their own work. Occasionally, students will be given projects or exams that must be completed outside of class. Students must adhere strictly to the FSCS handbook cheating/plagiarism policies. Plagiarizing work will result in an automatic zero and disciplinary action. 

Any student who does not maintain an average grade of a B- or higher at the end of each trimester will be subject to removal from the advanced ELA program. 

7th Advanced ELA Syllabus