Ms. May-Olson

Ms. May-Olson

Welcome Middle School Scientists!


Q: “I have a Science test coming up and I don’t know what to study. Can you help me out?”
A: Here are my top 5 things to study in no particular order:
1) Review Sheets
2) All the assigned reading pages in the text that have been assigned since the last test. Be sure to look at the bold words and phrases.
3) Labs and Diagrams
4) Class notes and “I can” statement sheets in your notebook.
5) The assignments that have been CORRECTED since the last test.
*5.1) Use the online text book! You can print extra review sheets, take online practice tests, and get hints on answers too!

Q: “What is the grade breakdown for Science class?”
A: 50% of your grade is PRACTICE and 50% of your grade is PROVE IT! The “Practice” portion shows up on PowerSchool as Assignments. Assignments are anything from Homework, to Projects, Labs, Participation, Checkpoint Quizzes, or in class Assignments. The “Prove it” portion shows me what you have learned. Most of the time these are Tests covering 1-5 sections in your text book, but it can also be some Projects, Papers, or Reports.

Q: “Where can I find all the homework assignments for the classes Ms. May-Olson teaches?”
A: Click on your grade on the left. You should see the Google Calendar for your class.
Be aware you may have to scroll down to see your class, labeled by hour.  Google Classroom will have the most specific information.

Q: “My parents want to know how I’m doing in Science. How can they find out?”
A: They can check the PowerSchool Parent Portal. If I did not receive an assignment from you, you will see a 0. You must turn the assignment in to my inbox, before the test, in order to get credit. If it’s marked missing you are able to earn full credit assuming you turn in quality work.  If it’s marked late, you are only able to earn half credit.  I do have a “no name” box that you are welcome to check if you are sure you turned it in and it has not shown up on Powerschool.  Powerschool will be updated by Monday afternoons, if not sooner, for the previous week’s work.  If you or your parents still have questions, they can send Ms. May-Olson an e-mail.

Q: “When are my homework assignments due?”
A: They are always due the day they show up on the Google Classroom Calendar unless noted otherwise.

Q: I still don’t understand something that was taught in class, I didn’t do so well on a check point quiz, or I was absent and I have no idea what’s going on in class. What should I do?
A: TALK to MS. MAY-OLSON! You can make an appointment to see her during your Recess for extra help.

Q: Is there extra credit for Science?
A: Yup, check out my website for the extra credit sheet!


*For the latest and greatest Middle School Science Info, see Ms. May-Olson in person or drop her and e-mail at She’ll be more than happy to help!

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