Mr. Keller

Middle School PE Syllabus

PE dress code:

A complete change of athletic clothing must be worn, including t-shirts or sweatshirts, shorts or sweatpants, socks and tennis shoes. No jean shorts, leggings, short shorts or ragged cut-off or torn shorts. No school clothes should be worn over or under physical education clothes.

Clothes should be taken home weekly for washing.

No jewelry, dangling earrings, necklaces etc. should be worn during class as it is a safety and health issue.

Be prepared for cooler days when we go outside (jackets, sweatshirts and sweatpants, gloves & hats).

Locks and Locker Rooms:

Each student is assigned a locker and a combination lock. Some students will be asked to share.

Students are responsible for keeping their locker locked at all times, their combination should never be given to another student. FSCS staff is not repsonsible for students’ valuables OR locking students’ lockers.

Students are responsible at the end of the school year to turn in the lock they were assigned and to have their locker cleared out and in appropriate condition. Students will have to pay a $10.00 dollar fine for any lost locks.

The locker room is locked at the end of the Middle School classes until the end of the school day.

Class Expectations:

Students are given 5 minutes to change clothes before and after class.

Students may not leave the gym or locker room areas without permission from the teacher.

Students are not allowed in the P.E. equipment room without permission.

All injuries or emergencies must be reported to the teacher during the class period so the proper action can be taken.

Abuse, misuse or destruction of P.E. equipment will no be tolerated.

Students using obscene language, gestures, harassment or disrespect will be referred to administration and discipline procedures will follow according to school policy.

Participation and Absences:

A note from a parent is required to excuse a student due to injury or illness. A note is excepted for three consecutive P.E. absences. To be excused longer than 3 consecutive P.E. classes a student must present a doctor’s note.

In order for a student to participate in P.E. class after being excused with a doctor’s note, that student must have a doctor’s note for clearance to return to participate in P.E. class.

Any student with an excused absence from school, will be required to make-up the missed daily points for the missed class(es). P.E. make-up sheets are located outside Mrs. Paschall’s office and on this webpage. A student can pick up a form at any time and drop it off in the assignment box outside the office door at any time. A student does not need to pick these sheets up directly from the teacher. The student has 1 week from his/her first day back to school to return the sheets to get full participation credits.

Grading Requirements:

Daily participation is worth 5 points this is the majority of their grade. Students will also be graded on a few written assignments/quizzes and/or skill tests, PLAY 60 and some possible extra credit.
Students may keep or lose points according to the standard rubric. All grading procedure/policies are posted on our web page. Students are also required to participate in fitness testing twice yearly as part of their P.E. requirement.