Ms. Walsh


Each day students will practice the virtue of responsibility by remembering to bring home the contents from their mailboxes in their Homework Folder, which may include assignments, student work, notes from me or the office, etc. We will also learn how to use our assignment notebooks to keep organized and on top of our homework. Parents/guardians will be asked to sign your child’s assignment notebook each day to help with accountability. I will not assign homework on Fridays.

Math Homework will be given to students Monday-Thursday and will be based on the unit we are currently studying at school. This homework is NOT graded, but I will keep track of turned in assignments.

Spelling Homework will be given weekly. Students must complete at least 4 spelling activities on a fun BINGO sheet, and parents must sign off on it by Friday, the day of our spelling tests.

Spelling City Link

Reading Homework: 2nd graders should be reading at LEAST 20 minutes every night. The more we read, the better readers we become!

**Any in school work that is not completed at school may also become homework.**