Mr. Wolf

Weekly Band Lesson Info

***4th and 5th grade band students will need a copy of “Standard of Excellence” by Bruce Pearson for their instrument. This is the lesson book they will be working out of and using at home for practicing***

Each 4th and 5th grade band student will participate in a weekly 20 minute group band lesson. Students should leave class 5 minutes before their lesson begins to set up their instrument and be ready on time! The lesson schedule will rotate time slots however the lesson day will remain the same.

Schedules are posted in the classrooms and in the band room.

If a student has a test or late work in the class that he/she will miss for a band lesson, it is best that the student stay in class to finish up any work that needs to be done.

Although band is not a required class here at FSCS, it does require some homework. In band, your homework is PRACTICING. You should get in at least three days a week of practice for 15-20 minutes, depending on your lesson book assignment. Even during busy weeks, you should never come to a lesson without having looked at your assignment!

Parents: even if you know nothing about music, you can still be a huge help for your child when practicing. Just expressing interest by asking to hear them to play something will do wonders. Try to make practicing part of a routine!

******Practice goal sheets should be signed and returned every week in order for your student to recieve a reward for their hard work!******