Mr. Wolf

Practicing Q&A's


Q – Is practicing my instrument necessary for band?
A – The answer is yes! Students should take their instrument home at the end of their lesson day. Practicing out of our lesson books helps us improve our skills. As students get older, the music gets more difficult and requires higher thinking skills.

Q – How long should I practice a week?
A – Students should be practicing a minimum of 60 minutes a week. This could be a combination of 4 days a week for 15 minutes or 3 days a week for 20 minutes each. Practicing more than an hour a week is definitely encouraged. Frequency is more important than the amount of time practiced.

Q – What do I practice?
Each 4th-5th grade student is assigned a page out of their lesson book to prepare for their next lesson. Middle School students will have a variety of repertoire to work on, band music for concerts, solo or ensemble music, scales, etc.

Q – What if I think it’s boring?
No one ever said practicing would be fun or easy, just like homework or athletic practices, but you can find ways to make it fun. Have a performance night where you play etudes for your family or friends! Grandparents and parents always love to hear their children play!

Q- Why practice if I can keep up with everyone?
A – Music skills require the need to be continuously developed. Music is an area where the sky-is-the-limit and is a product of the effort you put in. It is always about challenging yourself to continue learning so you can strive to play songs that are more technically demanding. Let’s face it, practice makes you better which makes it music more fun!

Q-What if I don’t want to be a musician when I grow up?
A- Music participation is all about gaining an appreciation for music. Music will always be a part of your life, listening to the radio, church, concerts, t.v. shows, commercials, sporting events, etc. Music surrounds us everyday, and the more we can experience music hands-on, the more we can appreciate how great it is.