Cold Weather Dress Guidelines


All students are expected to be outside of the building unless they have teacher permission and/or a doctor’s note to remain inside.  Students must be accompanied by a teacher to be indoors at recess time.  

COLD WEATHER DRESS GUIDELINES [outside recess if temperature is 0 F (with windchill) or warmer]

Grades Kindergarten – Eight

  • On the blacktop:
    • Coat, legs covered (no bare legs)
  • In the snow, on the field/playground:
    • Coat, snow pants, mittens/gloves, hat, boots

Students in grades kindergarten through eighth (K-8) without snow pants, mittens/gloves, hat, or boots will remain on the blacktop only. Classroom teachers or administration may impose other consequences if students repeatedly come without proper attire.  Students must wear a winter jacket if the temperature is less than 40 degrees.

Winter Recess Rules

(Starting when cold and snow arrive)

  1. No throwing, kicking of snow, snowballs, or ice chunks.
  2. Do not take other people’s hats, scarves, mittens or gloves.
  3. Snow forts and tunnels are an appropriate form of winter play.  No one person or grade level “owns” the snow on our play area.  It is an expectation that students will display respectful behavior when playing with snow forts and tunnels.
  4. All other recess rules are still in effect.

Students are expected to respect the authority of the playground supervisors and obey all rules and expectations.