Mr. Wolf

K–3rd Grade General Music

Music class will discover music through singing, performing on instruments, and movement of the body.  Students will be expected to participate in all of these areas.  

Due to the high participation element of the class, each day students will assess their own participation, attitude and respect.  Grading also includes frequent informal assessment of music “I Can” statements as well as formal evaluations of the skills that are connected with the “I Can” statements.


  • September-October we start the year working through the music curriculum Music Play.  This year development of listening skills is a year long focus through listening activities and the study of musical elements.
  • November-December is almost completely focused on preparing for our Christmas programs
  • January-February is back to the curriculum (Music Play) along with extra focus put on learning and playing rhythms and Orff instruments.
  • March-April is spend preparing for the Orff and Recorder concerts.