Mrs. Maertens

Grade 5 Level III Math Enrichment

2022-23 FSCS – Level III Enrichment – Back To School Night Presentation

Assignments / Tests

Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom and on PowerSchool.  Students should write assignments in their planner during class.  Any upcoming tests or project due dates will be posted on the classroom assignment board – it is the students’ responsibility to write these dates in their planners.

Class Details


  • Email Mrs. Maertens with any questions or concerns you may have.  Email contact information is:

How to support your child for success in 5th Grade Level III Math Enrichment.

  • Check in with your child daily to see if he or she has math homework.  Students will write down any homework they may have in their 5th grade planners daily at the end of class.
  • Create homework routines with respect to time and place
  • Celebrate homework successes!
  • Instill a Growth Mindset (Dweck, 2006) and the practice of the Habits of Mind (Costa & Kallick, 2008)
  • Open communication: between school and home, between you and your child