Mrs. Miller

Concepts 8th Grade

This class covers topics at a slower pace than the regular Algebra class. Students will have time to practice, review and consolidate each section before moving on to the next topic.

The curriculum includes the real number system, algebraic reasoning, solving multi-step equations and inequalitites, proportional relationships, percents, exponents, analyzing and displaying data, geometric figures, and measurement.

The text used in this class is: Intervention, Holt McDougal 2012.

Students have access to a workbook.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra Concepts

I can use a calculator accurately
I can add, subtract, multiply and divide integers
I can place integers on a number line
I can simplify expressions
I can evaluate expressions that contain variables
I can simplify expressions by adding like terms
I can plot points on a coordinate plane
I can solve two-step equations
I can check if a number is a solution to an equation
I can use the order of operations
I can use the distributive property
I can solve multi-step equations
I can solve simple inequalities
I can solve multi-step inequalities
I can evaluate equivalent fractions
I can evaluate powers
I can add and subtract fractions
I can multiply and divide fractions
I can find the GCF of 2 or more numbers
I can find the LCM of 2 or more numbers
I can write numbers in scientific notation
I can evaluate numbers with a zero exponent
I can classify numbers as rational and irrational
I can write and solve proportions in word problems
I can solve a proportion
I can write and calculate a unit rate
I can write proportions as percents
I can write percents as decimals
I can write fractions as percents
I can calculate the percent of a number
I can calculate percents to find discounts
I can use square roots
I can calculate the area and perimeter of triangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids
I can calculate the area and circumference of a circle
I can classify polygons and quadrilaterals
I can find the absolute value of a number